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Guiding Your Journey to Serene Well-Being.

“Peaceful Feeling”

Your serene anchor amidst life’s storms, harmonizing mind and body with a crafted blend of traditional and floral essences. Let Aconitum Napellus alleviate anxiety while Cherry Plum and Impatiens usher in calm control. Navigate through fears with Aspen and Mimulus, and allow White Chestnut to guide your mind to tranquil clarity. Let each drop be your gentle step towards mastery over stress and unease.
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Who is it for?

Peaceful Feeling, it's that cozy, reassuring hug in a bottle for all of us navigating the wobbly tightropes of life's stresses and worries. 

Hey, are you that brave soul nervously stepping onto a plane, despite the butterflies in your stomach? Or maybe the big-hearted caregiver, quietly shouldering a world of worries while caring for others? Perhaps you’re the night owl, lying awake with a mind buzzing with 'what ifs’ and ‘remember tos’? Peaceful Feeling is your chill buddy, here to whisper, 'We’ve got this' on those shaky days and restless nights. 

Let’s keep things light and easy, gently steering through life’s little storms together, with a heart that's calmly beating and a spirit that's peacefully beaming.

Our natural remedies

The Flower Remedy's blends, created with the delicate essence of specific blossoms, provide a gentle yet potent avenue to emotional well-being. These unique concoctions embrace the philosophy of tending to our emotional and psychological landscapes, aiming to harmonize and soothe the emotional ebbs and flows experienced by us all. Each flower, meticulously chosen for its distinctive properties, targets specific emotional states, such as stress, despair, or lack of focus. For those who turn to The Flower Remedy's blends, they find a non-invasive and natural method to navigate through emotional shifts, aspiring to regain balance and promote a positive mindset. Thus, a serene alliance between mind, body, and spirit is tenderly cultivated.

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What our customers say about us...

"I have been so impressed with your remedies, they have worked like a charm."

- Christina Sasso-Rogers

"I love this stuff!"

- Carrie Haas

"Love the products!"

- Joy Delgado Nevarez