Do Flower Essences Work?

Do Flower Essences Work?

Flower therapy is based on the idea that illnesses begin with an emotional and mental standpoint before it starts to take hold of the body. Flower essence therapy battles this claim by recharging a user’s negative vibrational frequencies to match those of a flower. In practice, flower essences collect the vitality of a flower blossom through water steeping and diluting it repeatedly to make it edible and topical.  

The research for flower essence therapy likely began in 1930 when flower essence was brought to the forefront by Dr. Edward Bach. Since then, there have been very few studies that help support Dr. Bach’s claims and leave many wondering, do flower essences work? However, several regular participants of flower therapy can vouch for their alleviated ailments.  

Notable Studies on Flower Essences

A preliminary study from 2001 created 60 different flower essences work with a solar infusion of fresh flower blossoms. Twelve patients with major depression from all over the US received one month of usual treatments including nutritional support, counseling, and psychotherapy. This was followed by three months of flower essence therapy. Using the Beck Depression Inventory and Hamilton Depression scales, scientists were able to conclude that the usual treatment did not change the depressive measures in their patients, but flower essence therapy produced noticeable reductions. 

Another study was conducted in 2020 to compare the effectiveness of flower therapy and music therapy on children with anxiety. 120 children between the ages of 4 and 6 were randomly selected and split into 3 groups; one to test the music therapy, one to test flower therapy, and one control group. The results showed that better behavior was exhibited in the children from the flower therapy group than in the control group. They concluded that both music therapy and flower therapy demonstrated valuable differences in anxiety amongst these young children.  

Science and Reasoning Behind Flower Essences

While these recent studies have suggested the positive effects of flower essence therapy on individuals’ psychological well-being, we still can only assume the scientific explanations and take their word for it. Nanoscopic vibrations in water from flower blossoms can be difficult to measure in and of itself. To put that to the test in a human body and explain medicinal flower power from the body’s perspective is a concept that science hasn’t caught up to without the inclusion of a possible placebo effect.  

We just have to take what we know from science to make a deduction about whether or not it works and why. Science tells us humans, plants, and animals have consciousness. With that, we know plants have intelligence in many of the same ways humans do. As humans, we are exposed to energy on a constant level internally and externally.  

The energy we exude and participate in creates vibrational frequencies to which our bodies respond on a cellular level. This explains why we feel tired after a long time of feeling depressed, or energetic after the feelings of happiness. The high frequency of positive emotions within and around us provides us with a boost of vitality. It’s entirely possible that the vibrational energy from plants can create re-wiring of emotional imbalances in the human body using the same high-frequency emotional healing.  

Why flowers? Well, wildflowers more likely have never been exposed to negative vibrations. Flowers in the wild have never heard of war, gotten yelled at, or told a lie. They have no choice but to exude pure high-frequency positive vibrations. Herbal medicine has been around for centuries, so we know the healing properties of flowers as it’s been told by our ancestors. Couple that with their exceptional positivity, and you’ve got the perfect plant for vibrational harvesting.  


That brings us back to our question, do flower essences work? The answer is that flower essences work in theory, practice, and studies. Although the science may be lacking a bit, the evidence is vast. The next best thing you can do to find out is to try them as directed, so you can experience the positive effects of natural flower essences.